How often have you found an online auction item that was so hideous you couldn't help but ask, "Who would buy that?"

We have. A lot. So much so, in fact, that we couldn't keep our good fortune to ourselves.

You see, here at "Who Would Buy That," we patrol the web's auction sites so you don't have to. We devote hours, sometimes even entire days of our lives to ferreting out the true gems among the trappings of our modern society. Whether it's that animatronic lawn Santa that frightened you as a child or the ubiquitous black velvet Elvis painting, we'll find it for you.

We welcome your submissions, too -- take a look at the submission guidelines on the main page and then send the URL of the offending item to suggest@whowouldbuythat.com. We can't promise that we'll reply, because that would take valuable time away from our trawling efforts. But we'll certainly appreciate your efforts and only think good things about you from here on out.

Oddly enough, lots of media-types seem to want to talk to us. We're usually pretty accommodating. Drop us a note at media@whowouldbuythat.com.

Just want to tell us how great you think the site is or ask a question? Sure, we're all over it. Send your fan mail to otherstuff@whowouldbuythat.com.


Drue Miller did all of her Christmas shopping on eBay last year, and is pleased to announce that she's now on a first-name basis with the delivery guys from Fedex, UPS, and the Post Office. To support her eBay habit, she teaches web design classes and provides consulting services (which is really just a fancy way of saying she likes to tell people what they're doing wrong, then hand them a bill). Speaking of which, if you're looking for an over-priced consultant, look no further than drue.com.

Shauna Wright is far and away the more sensible of the pair. Oddly enough, she's also the blonde one. Still, her air of discretion doesn't prevent her from the occasional online auction spree -- especially if it involves pink flamingos or serial-killer merchandise (hey, she was a criminology major). A survivor -- never say victim! -- of the latest round of dot-com fallout, she is once again living the swingin' life of a freelance web designer. Find out all about her (and her high-priced but well-worth-it services) at datadiva.com; she also maintains a personal site and weblog at flaunt.net.


All our love to the Newdream Network for taking such good care of us.


Media Accolades and Mentions (that we know of)

   SXSW Award Finalist -- Best Humor/Satire; Best Weblog
   SXSW Award Winner -- Best Weblog

   The Austin Chronicle -- Austin, TX
   The Chicago Tribune -- Chicago, IL
   The Des Moines Register -- Des Moines, IA
   The Harold Dispatch -- Huntington, WV
   The Honolulu Advertiser -- Honolulu, HI
   Honolulu Star Bulletin -- Honolulu, HI
   Newsweek (April 9, 2001, p. 14)
   Playboy (July 2001, p. 46)
   San Francisco Chronicle -- San Francisco, CA
   USA Today
   Vancouver Sun -- Vancouver, BC

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   Classic Rock 101.7 -- Lake Cumberland, KY
   The Eagle 97.1 -- Dallas, TX
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   The Kim Komando Radio Show
   Magic 98.3 -- Saskatoon, Sask., Canada
   * Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know (on NPR)
   News Radio AM 1150 -- Chattanooga, TN
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