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Sunday, October 23, 2005

10:59 AM | link

Look out, John Deere: Riding Lawn Mower Built To Order.

(thanks, Julia!)

10:58 AM | link

Dept. of Slogans that Never Really Caught On: "It smells, it's dirty, and it can all be YOURS!!"

(thanks, Jennifer!)

10:53 AM | link

"Classy enough to carry with your evening dress". Because nothing says "class" like sucking on a sport top bottle at the opera.

(thanks, Gweech!)

10:51 AM | link

"For sale because the kids are scared by it."

(thanks, John!)

10:48 AM | link

Comes with a free clothespin for your nose.

(thanks, Ben!)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

7:43 PM | link

Some artists paint portraits. Some take nature photographs. And then there are those who build huge metal vaginas.

7:21 PM | link

Nothing lights up a darkened room quite like the satanic orange glow emanating from a sleepy infant's mouth.

5:01 PM | link

"C'mon, kid! I dare you to open the drawer."


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